A Winter’s Tale

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Act I

 Act II
Act IV
Act V


Archidamus and Autolycus – Bill Barry

Camillo – Tim Jeager

Leontes and The Bear – Sam Mowry

Polixines, Mariner, and Gentleman 3 – David Loftus

Hermione and Mopsa – Vivien Lyons

Mamillius – Lev Pearlman

Antigonus and Clown – Phil Rudolf

Paulina and Time – Linda Goertz

Cleomones and Florizel – Atticus Mowry

Dion and Gentleman at Feast – Greg Alexander

Emelia, Lady 1, and Dorcas – Kate Mura

Perdita and Lady 2 – Megan Murphy

Shepard and Gentleman 1 – Mark Loring


Sacha Reich – Director

Myrlin Hermes – Board Liaison

Peter Pressman – Executive Producer

Matt Relstab – Audio Editing

Jerry DeLaunay – OPB Station Manager

Ben Sheragy – Stage Manager

Special thanks to Miracle Theatre for donating our rehearsal space!