Henry IV Part 2

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Act I

 Act II
 Act IV
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Directed By Edgar Reynolds


Archbishop Scroop, Pistol, Mouldy, Feeble, and Groom – Greg Alexander

Falstaff and Messenger – Grey Eubank

Prince Henry – Aron Farrar

Lord Chief Justice, Silence, and Westmoreland – John Lee

Northumberland and Fang – David Loftus

King Henry IV, Bardolph, Gower, and Lord Bardolph – Chris Porter

Travers, Snare, Francis, Bullcalf, Lancaster, Clarence, and Davy – Peter Pressman

Hastings and Shallow – Edgar Reynolds

Morton, Mowbray, Poins, and Wart – Ted Rooney

Rumor, Lady Northumberland, and Doll Tearsheet – Linda Ryan

Porter, Shadow, and Gloucester – Ben Sheragy

Lady Percy and Epilogue – Jane Stebbins

Warwick, Colevile, 1st Beadle, Groom – Grant Turner

Pageboy and Hostess – Bibi Walton


Production Manager – Ben Sheragy

OPB Station Manager – Jerry DeLaunay

Audio Editor – Peter Pressman

Music By – Jon Sayles