The Tempest

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Act I

 Act II
 Act IV
Act V


Alonso, King of Naples – Greg Alexander

Sebastian, his Brother – Peter Pressman

Prospero, the right Duke of Milan – Chris Porter

Antonio, his Brother – Ethan Atkinson

Ferdinand, Son to the King of Naples – Cary Clark

Iris/Gonzalo, a Lord – Linda Goertz

Caliban/Boatswain – Sam Mowry

Trinculo/Adrian – Bill Barry

Stephano, a drunken Butler – Phil Rudolph

Miranda, Daughter to Prospero – Holly Spencer

Ariel/Juno – Megan Kohl

Master of a ship/Ceres – Allison Anderson


Executive Producer – Peter Pressman

Director – Cynthia J. McGean

Audio Consultant – Sam Mowry

Stage Manager – Jesse Smith

Sound Engineer – Rob Kowal

Composer – Peter Armetta