Welcome To Our New Site

Welcome To Our New Site

We’ve remade our site to be mobile friendly and look a bit more modern. Don;t worry we’ve kept all the plays, text and audio that we had and we are always looking to add more!

Please let us know how you like it!

We’d love to hear from you so fill out our contact form or drop us a line or you can find us on social media

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Please let all the Shakespeare fans in your life know about the new Speak the Speech and we hope to see you here again soon!

6 Responses to Welcome To Our New Site

  1. Why are the plays no longer downloadable? This new set up is probably great for the youngsters with their smart phones, but for us old geezers who still carry MP3 players, not so much. It would be a pain in the neck to have to carry my PC around with me, plus I’d need a really long extension cord.

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